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Health Care
Sep 15, 2017

Wear Your Wellness Well

Sponsored Content provided by Shelly Laine - President, Certified Clinical Thermographer, Certified Health Coach , Beacon Thermography, Inc.

You have a flair for fashion and like to stay up to date on all the latest trends.

You put down money at the makeup counter for top-of-the-line beauty and skin care products.

From your trendy hairdo down to your pedicured toes, you are, in a word, chic.

But how are you wearing your health these days? More importantly, how is it wearing you?

Looking good certainly makes you feel good but feeling good can make you look even better, since your outer appearance often betrays signs of what’s going on inside your body. Not enough water and your skin can become dry and perhaps prone to breakouts. Not enough sleep and you’ll be carrying around those pesky under-eye bags. Not enough sunscreen and the crow’s feet might star t to creep up.

So, while you continue to focus on being the best you that you can present to the world, it’s important to go a little deeper to ensure you are truly loving the skin you’re in.

Routine preventative screenings, such as those offered by the professional team at Beacon Thermography, Inc. – can give you a “digital map” of your body that may help you and your medical providers pinpoint any issues or track any changes.

Beacon uses digital infrared thermal imaging, a non-invasive process that identifies changes in the body over time. For women concerned with breast health maintenance, for example, thermography can begin detecting vascular changes at the one-year mark.

That’s significant when you consider how rapidly breast cancer cells grow and spread. Within a year, two cells can become 16. By the fourth year, those 16 cells are now more than 65,000.

Since thermography captures heat patterns, rather than structures, in the body, even the slightest variation of 16 abnormal cells can be detected.

Sisters and certified clinical thermographers Shelly Laine, Cecilia Laine-Meinhold and Tanis Clark at Beacon use an infrared camera to capture the images and those images are then reviewed by medical doctors, who are also board-certified thermologists.

Taking into account a patient’s symptoms, health history and thermography results, the reviewing doctor will report results and make recommendations, which, in the case of abnormal results, often include scheduling a mammogram, ultrasound, x-ray or blood work.

In addition to breast health screenings, thermography – FDAapproved as an adjunct to anatomical testing for more than three decades - can be used to detect a variety of injuries, conditions and illnesses. You can even opt for a full-body screening in your efforts to monitor and maintain your health.

That may well be the most essential benefit to thermography – “true prevention,” as New York Times-bestselling author Dr. Christine Northrup calls it, and “the only true early detection…” as Dr. Ben Johnson states in his books and on the Truth About Cancer series.

Since it is safe and pain-free, requiring no radiation, compression or physical contact of any kind, thermography is the perfect accessory for regularly assessing your wellness. And nothing looks as good as a little peace of mind.

Let Shelly and her team at Beacon provide you with the benefits of well-being through thermography. They offer services at: Elite Chiropractic, Landfall Shopping Center, 1319 Military Cutoff Road, Unit LL; McKay Healing Arts Center, Wilmington; Shaver Chiropractic, Wilmington; and Health Touch NC LLC, Durham. Call them today at (910) 803-2150.