Plantation Village Helps Residents Find Calm in the Storm by Lisa Polanski | Sponsored Insights
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May 8, 2018

Plantation Village Helps Residents Find Calm in the Storm

Sponsored Content provided by Lisa Polanski - Marketing Director, Plantation Village Retirement Community

For homeowners, learning that a major hurricane has Wilmington in its crosshairs is likely to produce a range of emotions: anxiety, dread, and fear. The sense of unease, panic, and apprehension is similar to the rage, fury, and turbulence of the outer bands of the storm itself.

Residents of Plantation Village, on the other hand, might compare their inner state of being to the relative peace and calm found in the eye of the storm. Even with the weight of a major hurricane bearing down, in a time fraught with unparalleled anxiety, dread, and uncertainty, the residents here can rest easy knowing their needs are taken care of and there is a comprehensive plan in place to cover a variety of emergencies.

Having an emergency plan is just a small component of what we do here to make our residents feel secure and comfortable. Our team here at Plantation Village has put forth a considerable effort to ensure that there is a plan in place for every conceivable scenario, whether it’s a fire, tornado, ice storm, or hurricane.

Ed Seidel, who serves as Area Representative on the Resident Council, commented that, “It is comfortable and satisfying to know that Plantation Village has an emergency response plan for so many situations. The team here is really proactive and they work extremely hard to accommodate any possible need that could arise. They even keep nurses and maintenance personnel on site in the event that we decide to shelter in place and ride out the storm.”

Ed noted that, “It’s not only during a storm that they keep PV associates on hand to help with unexpected issues and challenges. Plantation Village associates are available prior to a storm to help with preparation and to help clean up after a storm, if necessary of course. They even charter buses and drive us out of harm’s way to safer areas, out of the storm’s path, if the situation warrants.”

Ed likes that there is an option to go to Greensboro or Raleigh with friends and neighbors and take part in the communal atmosphere of fleeing a storm. For those who are either unable to drive, or who simply prefer not to drive themselves, it is a great benefit.

The fact that Plantation Village keeps a comprehensive set of procedures in place to correspond with the timeline of an approaching storm is something that Ed also values. He added that, “What could be better than knowing there is a large, professional team constantly looking for updates and monitoring the situation? As soon as hurricane season begins, they start preparing and collecting supplies. If a storm appears to be a threat, their tenacity shines through, as there is always someone keeping tabs on everything. Their cleanup efforts after a storm passes are also lightning-fast, and they really get things cleaned up in no time.”

Having everything spelled out helps alleviate some of the trepidation people experience when facing the possibility of a natural disaster. It also helps knowing that a team of emergency response professionals from Fort Bragg recently toured our community and evaluated the systems we have in place to deal with a storm, and we passed with flying colors.

For a complete list of everything we do to ensure the safety of our residents, or for information about our community, give me a call at (910) 772-3188. You can also check out our community Facebook page, or visit our website at

Lisa Polanski is the director of marketing at Plantation Village. Plantation Village is a non-profit continuing care retirement community that offers independent living on a 56-acre campus in Porters Neck, just minutes from downtown Wilmington and area beaches. Residents enjoy first-class services in a wide variety of home styles, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to cottage homes and two-bedroom villas. Plantation Village is managed by Life Care Services™, the nation’s third-largest elder care management company.