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Jun 1, 2015

Facts Versus Fiction - Truth About Life at Plantation Village

Sponsored Content provided by Lisa Polanski - Marketing Director, Plantation Village Retirement Community

One of the main objections I hear from potential residents is that a Continuing Care Retirement Community such as Plantation Village will limit their independence and keep them from doing the things they love the most. In actuality, it is just the opposite. Staying in a home that no longer fits your needs can become a nightmare filled with unexpected maintenance costs and responsibilities, lawn care, and rising insurance costs just to name a few. Does your current situation provide you with the security and the support you need to live independently, or to be healthier and happier?

Plantation Village can provide the lifestyle you desire at a price that makes solid financial sense.

With building and property maintenance, weekly housekeeping services, and a generous meal plan included, Plantation Village offers its residents a relaxing and carefree lifestyle. Contrary to the notion of having to give anything up, I often hear our residents say they are more active than ever, more connected with their friends and more in touch with their community than ever before.
Knowing that our residents can take part in yoga or water aerobics, delve into their hidden talents at writing and art classes, spend a happy hour (or two) at the new bistro and bar, or take a shuttle ride with their friends to Thalian Hall, this type of comment is rarely surprising. Add to that the fact that all of our residents are covered by our Continuing Care plan, which provides priority access to The Davis Community — with 30 free days a year — and I have to ask, “What’s holding you back?”

Our residents tell me that they love having the staff handle the cooking, cleaning, yard work and maintenance. Not only that, but they love the freedom of traveling for extended periods and never having to worry about the security of their home. Some of the feedback that I hear includes: “For so long, I thought I wasn’t ready. Now, I wish I had moved sooner,” and “I didn’t think I wanted all the extra services. Boy was I wrong. I love locking the door and leaving without a care in the world.”

It’s always great to hear comments like that, because the best part of my job is the feeling that comes from knowing our residents are happy with their lifestyle choice. I love educating people about the value that Plantation Village provides.

Understanding that our fees encompass many of the costs associated with daily life, the residents here are free to embrace an active lifestyle and a busy social calendar. At Plantation Village, we focus on making life as easy as possible for our residents. That includes providing a successful transition into our community. As an example we even discount the entrance fee to provide a reimbursement for some of the moving expenses!

The lifestyle here at Plantation Village is life as you know it, only better. But don’t take my word for it, come take a tour and decide for yourself. We can schedule a one-on-one planning session at absolutely no cost, pressure or obligation to you. To learn more about our community or find out how we can help you on moving day, contact Lisa Polanski at (910) 319-1416, or visit www.PlantationVillageRC.com.

Lisa Polanski is the Director of Marketing at Plantation Village. Plantation Village is a nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community that offers independent living on 56 beautiful acres of wooded landscape and a convenient location in Porters Neck, just minutes from downtown Wilmington and area beaches. Residents enjoy first-class services in a wide variety of home styles, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to cottage homes and two-bedroom villas. Plantation Village is managed by Life Care Services™, the nation’s third-largest elder care management company. For more information, visit plantationvillagerc.com