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Jul 3, 2014

How Can I Get The Most Efficiency Out Of My Cooling System

Sponsored Content provided by Jimmy Williams - Owner, O’Brien Service Company

It is starting to heat up. Is your cooling system ready for the warm seasons ahead? There are several ways to help make sure you are getting the most efficiency out of your cooling system. A few simple changes can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money and helping extend your system’s lifespan.

One of the most important things you can do is check your air filter, and change it if necessary. Another suggestion is to draw your blinds and drapes to block the sunlight during the hotter parts of the day. Also, make sure that your wall-mounted thermostat does not have electronics such as a lamp or television set underneath it because those can let off heat, making your thermostat overcool the house. Finally during the hotter months of the year, try not to run the kitchen and bathroom exhaust any longer than necessary. 

There are additional steps you can take that require a little more effort but are well worth it. The first is to make sure that your house is properly insulated and that there isn’t anywhere for hot, humid air to sneak in through the windows, doors or even your attic. If you are doing any remodeling on your home, consider putting awnings over windows or light-colored shingles on your roof; both will help block the sunlight from heating your home. Another effective way to save money and get the most out of your cooling system is to install a digital thermostat or even a programmable one.  This will allow you to control the temperature in your home even when you’re not there.      
All of these are steps you can take to help ensure that your cooling system is running at its peak efficiency. But the final and most important step is performing maintenance on your cooling system. You can easily do this by having a qualified professional check your system. By having your cooling system checked, you can help prevent possible repairs from being needed. On a hot summer day, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and cool in your home. That's why we recommend that you take these steps into consideration when planning for the warm seasons ahead. 

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