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Holly Grange

Director Community Relations, Osprey Global Solutions, Osprey Armament

Holly Grange is the director of community relations at Osprey Global Solutions and is a firearms instructor for Osprey Armament. She is a certified NRA instructor in Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home,  

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Mar 1, 2015

Wilmington-Based Osprey Relief Foundation is Helping Provide Relief To Refugees

The Osprey Relief Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Osprey Global Solutions, both located in Wilmington, has been in northern Iraq several times since August conducting an assessment and coordinati ...

Health Care
Feb 5, 2015

How TRE May Help Wounded Veterans Heal

As a U.S. Army veteran, I am keenly aware of the challenge our military veterans face in recovering from trauma and injury. I also am always interested in what I can do personally to help address the ...

Jan 1, 2015

Protect Yourself With Common-Sense Safety Tips

The news is full of stories about the victimization of women by attackers known and unknown to them. There is also much talk these days about more and more women purchasing firearms for home use, obta ...