Deborah Adams-Wingate, Patient Centered Care, PLLC - WilmingtonBiz Insights Author
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Deborah Adams-Wingate

Owner/Nurse Practitioner, Patient Centered Care, PLLC

After receiving a bachelor of science degree in nursing from George Mason University, Deborah Adams-Wingate and her daughter Heather moved from northern Virginia to Wilmington, N.C. Adams-Wingate furthered her education at Duke Un  

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Health Care
Jan 1, 2016

Start 2016 With A Healthy Eating Plan For Your Family

It’s once again time for New Year’s resolutions. During this time of year, many of us make commitments to do things differently. Unfortunately and all too often, these resolutions never ma ...

Health Care
Nov 1, 2015

Daylight Saving Time - Tips For A Smooth 'Fall Back'

We've all had those nights when we can't fall asleep or wake up and can't get our minds to shut down. Use these sleep tips to help “fall back” easily with the change in time an ...

Health Care
Sep 1, 2015

Safety At School Starts At Home

There are many challenges facing today's schoolchildren. Parents no longer have the luxury of minimal concerns such as minor illness or playground accidents. Now parents must deal with worries of ...

Health Care
Sep 1, 2015

Talking To Teens Can Prevent High-Risk Behaviors

As summer approaches, the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. Teenagers are anxious to be out of school and hang out with their friends. For some, hanging out might include risk-taking be ...

Health Care
May 1, 2015

Summer Health Hazards And Heat-Related Conditions

When the weather starts heating up, so do health hazards that can quickly turn a fun day at the park or beach into a disaster. Here's how to avoid two top seasonal ailments so you can enjoy the wa ...

Health Care
Mar 1, 2015

Patients Who Visit Nurse Practitioners Receive Personal Attention,Tailored Advice

For many of us, ongoing health issues and new illnesses are commonly associated with an unfortunate side effect: a special form of anxiety that comes from spending precious time in a waiting room. The ...